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2022-23 Proposed Final Budget
Members of the Avonworth School Board unanimously approved the 2022-23 Proposed Final Budget at its May 2nd Work Session Meeting.

The proposed general fund budget has revenues of $36,648,348 and expenditures of $38,197,480, using the district reserve fund to balance the budget with a planned use of $1,549,132. The budget does include a tax increase of .66 mills raising the real estate tax rate to 20.19 mills for the 2022-23 school year.

Included in the budget is an increase in debt service due to the borrowing for the High School / Middle School renovation project along with a $300,000 transfer to Capital Projects for the track refurbishment Lenzner Field. The budget is impacted by an 8% increase in medical insurance premiums estimated at $370,000 and an increase in required pension payments of $230,000. Additionally, $300,000 is budgeted for a one-time purchase of both technology and buildings and grounds equipment.

The projected increase in the revenue budget due to the recommended millage increase is $781,000. The median value of a home in Avonworth is $228,850. The proposed increase of .66 mills in the tax rate equates to $151.04 or $12.58 per month for a median valued home. The average millage rate for Allegheny County School Districts for the 2021-22 fiscal year is 23.08 with Avonworth being the 8th lowest at 19.53.

The proposed budget has a planned use of the estimated remaining ESSER funds of $113,000 reflected in both expenditures and Federal revenues.

See below budget notice regarding the proposed Final Budget for the 2022-23 School Year along with the link to access this document.

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