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Gifted Services

The Avonworth School District is committed to providing high-quality instructional and enrichment services for our learners identified as gifted as well as those needing additional challenge. The District employs a Gifted and Enrichment support teacher at every building level to coordinate students' individualized plans, provide a variety of enrichment opportunities, co-plan with grade-level teachers, and serve as mentors and advocates for students.


For questions or requests, please contact the following faculty members:

Irene Pendel
Avonworth Elementary School GATE Teacher
Office:  412-366-7170  ext. 3185

Melissa DeSimone
Avonworth Middle School GATE Teacher
Office:  412-366-9650  ext. 1997

Marnie Arnold
Avonworth High School GATE Teacher
Office:  412-366-6360  ext. 1994