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The Avonworth  Wellness Committee is an action-oriented advisory group that focuses on the health and well-being of students, staff and families in our school community.  The school wellness committee implements the district wellness policy and leads other health-related initiatives. If you are interested in being on the Wellness Committee, please email Dr. Jillian Bichsel at

Avonworth Wellness Committee Members

  • Mara Alterio, APC

  • Mallory Stott, Sarah Salvatore, AES

  • Colleen Barcasky, AMS

  • Marnie Arnold, Kerri Villani, AHS

  • Vicki Carlson, School Board Member

  • Danielle White, School Board Member

  • Jillian Bichsel, Assistant Superintendent

  • William Battistone, Principal

  • Keera Dwulit, Principal

  • Emily Hickmann, Parent

  • Melissa Schad, Food Service

  • Airah Shafiq, Student

  • Reese Theobald, Student

  • Oluwagbemiga Odebode, Student

  • Kenie Edwards, HPE

  • Phil Coffin, HPE

  • Miriam Scigliano, Community Member

  • Stacey Leckonby, Community Member

Avonworth Wellness Committee Agendas

October 9, 2023 Meeting Agenda

August 18, 2023 Meeting Agenda

February 2, 2023 Meeting Agenda


Avonworth School Wellness Policy #246

Click to review Policy #246


Wellness Policy Assessment Tool and Report

Click to view ASD's Triannual Wellness Policy Report.