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Cafeteria Payments

Avonworth School District is committed to:

  • Allow all students the access to healthy meals to improve their readiness and ability to learn.
  • Provide free or reduced priced meals to students that qualify in a manner that prevents overt identification of these benefits.
  • Treat all student with dignity at all times. Minimize identification of students with insufficient funds to pay for school meals.
  • Maintain the financial integrity of the self-supporting, nonprofit school food service account.

General Information

All enrolled students will automatically have a cafeteria account. This account can be accessed using the student’s last name or student ID#.

Payment Procedures

Payments are accepted in the classroom (APC/AES only), in the cafeteria, in the school office or by mail. Checks are the preferred method of payment and will act as your receipt. Please include student name and/or ID# on the check made payable to the Avonworth Cafeteria Fund.

For your convenience, Avonworth offers you the option to fund your child’s cafeteria account online using the My School Bucks payment system. This service charges a transaction fee for making payments. To Parents can sign up for a free account on for several benefits including:

  • View account balances (at no cost)
  • Set-up low balance reminders (at no cost)
  • Schedule automatic payments (a transaction fee is charged)
  • Ability to make payment anytime, anywhere using their mobile app (a transaction fee is charged)

Charge Procedures

Student’s with a negative cafeteria account balance:

  • Will not be permitted to purchase single components of the complete meal (entrée or sides only), second meals or “extra” items (snacks, beverages).
  • Negative balance e-mails will be sent, once a month, by the Food Service Director, for a negative cafeteria account balance greater than -$10.00.
  • A negative balance letter and/or a personal phone call may be made, once monthly, by the school principal or designee for a negative cafeteria account balance greater than -$25.00.
  • Once a negative balance of -$50.00 is reached, the following course of action may be taken:
    • The Director of Student Services and/or the School Counselor may be contacted to investigate.
    • If the family is in need of services, the school district will facilitate.
    • A payment plan will be offered to families that have the ability to pay, so that the account is paid in full prior to the last day of school.
  • Any debt that remains unpaid, after all attempts have been exhausted, will be turned over to the school business as bad debt. The Director of Business and Finance will make a determination if the District wishes to pursue alternative collection measures.

Cafeteria Kindness Fund

A fund will be available to accept donations from generous Avonworth Community organizations or individuals to support families who cannot pay for the cost of school meals.  Families may apply for use of these funds to assist with short-term need.  If you would like to contribute to this fund, please make checks payable to the Avonworth Cafeteria Fund and include, “Kindness Fund” in the memo.