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Property Assessments

2022-2023 School Year

District Budget:  $38,257,160
Millage: 20.19 mills
Homestead Credit: $87.74

Avonworth School District Taxes are not collected at the District Offices. Please see the link for the Tax collectors and Municipality Information for the tax collector in which you reside or do business.


Avonworth Real Estate Taxes Due Dates

Discount – August 31
Face – October 31
10% Penalty added – November 1

Installment Due Dates
The Board of School Directors approved a resolution regarding the collection and payment of school real property taxes in installments as required by ACT 1. It should be noted that payment of school real property taxes in the installments negates the 2% discount for early payment. It is advised that all residents calculate the loss of the 2% discount vs. the acceptance of installment tax payments. These payments will be due in equal installments on August 31st, October 31st, December 31st.


Allegheny County Property Assessment Information

Information regarding the assessments of properties can be obtained by going to the Office of Property Assessment at the visit the Allegheny County website. Available information includes:

  • Appeal Forms
  • Change of address, Exemptions
  • How is property valued
  • Real Estate Website
  • Application for Abatement
  • Act 77-Senior Citizen Tax Relief
  • Act 202-New Construction
  • Act 42-Improvements
  • Homestead Application

Homestead Credit

Property tax bills for 2018-19 will be reduced by $72.84 for qualified homeowners in the District under the ACT 1 Homestead Exemption program. This program is made possible through the distribution of a portion of gaming funds provided from taxes on the slots casinos throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The tax reduction will not be distributed as a check, it will appear as a reduced assessment line item on property tax bills.

To qualify, the property must be an owner-occupied residence and the property owner must have filed and received approval via a homestead exemption application with Allegheny County by March 1st of each year. To check the homestead exemption status of your property, visit the Allegheny County website.

Please visit the Allegheny County website for the link to the Homestead exemption application.