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Our curriculum framework is developed using the Understanding by Design model by Wiggins and McTighe, and we practice differentiated instruction and project-based learning across K-12. These approaches are highly innovative, and they are designed to enhance educational instruction and improve student comprehension, competence, and interpersonal skills.

Differentiated instruction is a personalized approach to student learning that uses different teaching processes for students of differing abilities within the same classroom. This approach recognizes that all children learn in different ways; they each have different knowledge and readiness levels; and they each have unique interests and learning preferences. Project-based learning focuses on the teaching of course content through an engaging, relevant, real-world project.

Differentiated instruction eliminates the “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning, and it is designed to meet each student right where he or she is in an effort to maximize individual academic growth and success.

Avonworth’s curriculum emphasizes the importance of students asking the “why” questions that lead to the mastery of concepts. It is an interactive curriculum that makes ideas and concepts real to students to ensure they fully understand and truly learn them, not just memorize them.

Our curriculum is designed to meet Common Core State Standards in literacy and mathematics and Pennsylvania Academic Standards in all other subjects. Courses are written on a five year cycle.