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Strategic Plan

June 13, 2022 Update

At the June 13, 2022 School Board meeting, Dr. Hadley provided an update on the 2020-2025 ASD Strategic Plan progress.  Use the link below to access the slides presented on June 13, 2022.

Strategic Plan Review June 2022.pptx.pdf

Dear Avonworth School Community Member,

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I share with you the 2020-2025 Avonworth School District Strategic Plan. This plan has been the culmination of nearly one year’s work to develop the areas of focus, strategies, and actions that will ensure that our students gain the learning experiences that will enable them to continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally so that they become innovative thinkers and creative contributors to our world.

Prior to the start of strategic planning, a district-wide survey was distributed to parents, students, and staff members. The survey revealed impressions from the previous strategic plan, as well as opinions on current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for our school community to consider.  

The strategic planning process was an inclusive endeavor that included over 50 members of our school community. Students, parents, teachers, service personnel, administrators, board members, and community members came together during several all-day sessions to participate in activities that brought to the surface the important issues in our district. Strategies and actions were then developed to bring the needed attention and resources in order to make progress in these focus areas.  

The strategic plan is meant to be a compass that we can use to stay on track so that we remain focused on the priorities identified by our committee. Therefore, this plan will be reviewed often.  Administrative goals will be built from the actions identified in the plan. Likewise, progress on the plan will be reviewed annually with our board of school directors.  

I am very proud of the work of our committee and I hope you enjoy this examination of both the process and product that is the Avonworth School District Strategic Plan 2020-2025. Thank you for your continued support as we work together to ensure that Avonworth School District is a special place of learning for all.  

With kindest regards,

Thomas W. Ralston, Ed.D.
Avonworth School District