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Fund for Educational Excellence

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Our History

In 1992, a group of Avonworth citizens formed the Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence as a permanent endowment fund managed by the Pittsburgh Foundation. Through the efforts of the Advisory Committee and the generous support of the Avonworth Community, significant contributions have been made to support our mission. The Advisory Committee works with the faculty of the Avonworth School District to design awards that promote and honor the achievements of students.

Our Mission


The Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence recognizes academic, artistic, or technical excellence through awards and recognition. The Fund also awards grants to enhance and support educational opportunities for the students and faculty. The Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence accepts tax-deductible donations in order to further our mission.

Advisory Committee

  • Caroline Boughton / Co-Chair
  • Merle Culley / Founding Member
  • Julie Kolenda
  • Elizabeth Pflueger / Co-Chair
  • Patty Rind
  • Margaret Robbibaro
  • Kristin Schleis

To learn more about this program, contact us at:


Thank you for considering a donation to the Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence.  There are two methods to donate.

Donate Online

Please visit to make a donation online

By Mail

Write a check made payable to "The Pittsburgh Foundation" with "AFEE" in the memo line and mail to:

AFEE c/o Avonworth Middle School
256 Josephs Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Available Awards

  • 3rd Grade Spelling Bee:  Presented to the third-grade student who wins the annual Spelling Bee
    • Reward:  $100
  • 4th Grade Poetry Award:  Presented to the fourth-grade student who has the highest score for composing several poems of various styles
    • Reward:  $100
  • Laura Ewing Nature Poem Award:  Presented to a fifth-grade student for an original poem on nature with the highest score in technical and artistic merit
    • Reward:  $100
  • Shelly Tomasic Literary Award:  Presented to a third through fifth-grade student who improves in overall reading ability through the school year
    • Reward:  $100
  • Avonworth Historical Society History Project:  Presented to an eighth-grade student who has the best in-depth research project which features an oral presentation
    • Rewards: 
      • 1st Place:  $100
      • 2nd Place:  $50
      • 3rd Place:  $50
  • Avonworth Citizenship and Leadership Award:  Presented to two freshmen who consistently exhibit the core values that are the hallmarks of the mentoring program
    • Reward:  $100 each
  • Alfred D. Beattie Award:  Presented to one male and one female student who attends both A.W. Beattie Career Center and AHS with the highest overall grade point average
    • Reward:  $200 each
  • Elaine Barron Museum Essay Award:  Presented to the students with the best essay in each Senior English curriculum (Academy English 12 and AP English). The essays are assigned at the end of a literature unit on Greek drama, which incorporates literature, art, history, composition, and a field trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art.
    • Reward:  $200 each
  • Music Director Award:  Presented to the three students who demonstrate extraordinary dedication and commitment to the musical production by faithful attendance, growth in the skills and knowledge required for the assigned duties, and a willingness to contribute to the quality of the production.
    • Reward:  $200 each
  • CHS Language Awards:  Presented to students enrolled in their respective CHS language courses - including Spanish, French, Latin, and Chinese - with the highest overall grade point average.
    • Reward:  $200 each