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DEI Strategic Plan

Avoworth School District Strategic Plan - 2020-2025


During the 2019-2020 school year, a group of District stakeholders collaborated on the creation of the District's next strategic plan. This strategic plan, which will be launched during the 2020-2021 school year, will take the District from 2020-2025. Stakeholders participated in a variety of human-centered design activities to identify key areas to shape the next strategic plan around. Out of this work, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was identified as one of five key areas of focus for the plan.  Once identified as a key area, a subcommittee worked to generate an overall goal, strategies, and actions to be included in the strategic plan.  

Goal:  Continue to develop and maintain an inclusive experience for students, staff, and community that promotes a sense of belonging for all. 


Strategies and Actions

Strategy A: Review curricula to address:

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Literary Canon

  • Social Justice

  • Multiple perspectives

  • Representation

Action for Strategy A

  • Institute curriculum cycle that includes a tool to review curricula for cultural responsiveness
  • Review K-12 literary canon for cultural responsiveness

    • Representation

    • Multiple perspectives

    • Social justice


Strategy B:  Provide ongoing training to school district stakeholders.

Action for Strategy B:

  • Explore restorative justice practices
  • Professional learning for cultural sensitivity/social justice/equity in teaching

  • Conduct parent workshops for multiple topics related to diversity/equity/inclusion

  • New teacher induction session focused on unconscious bias


Strategy C:  Provide authentic opportunities for students, staff, and parents to engage in diverse experiences.

Action for Strategy C:

  • Conduct a multi-cultural festival
  • Create a Social Justice Club

  • Explore partnerships with diverse schools

  • Strengthen intergenerational partnerships with senior communities in the District

  • Attract and retain a diverse staff


Strategy D:  Create a process to review, assess, and communicate cultural responsiveness.

Action for Strategy D:

  • Conduct an equity audit and act on recommendations
  • Conduct annual stakeholder surveys for feedback

  • Implement No Place for Hate program at Middle/High School

  • Review District policies and procedures for alignment to best practices when responding to offenses regarding race and discrimination

  • Develop and communicate a strong, consistent message regarding inclusivity