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Schedules and Timelines

Construction Schedule at a Glance

Construction Schedule at a Glance

Construction Schedule Details

Front Entrance/Admin Addition and New Restrooms in Courtyard

Substantial Completion 12/22/2023

Demo of existing entrance and HS administration office and three (3) existing classrooms. Construction of temporary partitions to establish temporary main office, and relocating security measures to create new secure vestibule for temporary main entrance. Construction of new addition.

Middle School Classroom Addition

Substantial Completion 12/13/2024

Construction of barricade to isolate construction area from occupied school. Demo of existing middle school office and one (1) classroom. Construction of temporary partition to separate classrooms 111 and 113. Construction of new two-story addition.

Summer 2023 - Library Renovation

Substantial Completion 8/16/2023

Corridor Demo and Establishing Temp Office/Entrance and Swing Classrooms in LGI. Library renovation.

Existing Classroom Renovations

Substantial Completion 10/18/2024
Renovation of classrooms (four (4) to five (5) classrooms at a time)

Summer 2024

Substantial Completion 8/9/2024

Demo of existing Guidance and Nurse Areas, renovation of commons including Lopes Lounge and Small Group Areas, ceilings and flooring in corridors. Completion of site improvements.


Substantial Completion 12/13/2024
Renovations of auditorium including theatrical lighting, flooring, and seating.

ASD Construction Project Timeline

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Middle/High School project took place on June 5.

Bids Awarded February 13, 2023

At the February 13, 2023 Regular School Board Meeting, the Avonworth Board of School Directors voted to approve four motions awarding bids for the high Avonworth Middle/High School Construction & Renovation Project.  The bids awarded went to the lowest responsible bidder as follows.

  • General Trades - R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. = $17,580,000
  • HVAC - R&B Mechanical Inc. = $4,747,400
  • Electrical - Merit Electrical Group = $4,538,200
  • Plumbing - Shipley Brothers Construction = $1,728,080

Access the Final Bid Tabulation Sheet

The following document provides an overview of the project, project alternates, and financing for the project.

MS/HS Construction & Renovation Project Bid & Financing Overview

May 2022 - Rejection of Bids Update

At a special board meeting on May 23, 2022, the Avonworth Board of Directors rejected all bids for the middle/high school construction/renovation project received on May 17, 2022.  The pandemic presented challenges in numerous ways these last couple of years.  The process for this project began before the pandemic, and over these last couple of years, uncertainty and volatility have become the norm concerning construction materials cost, procurement of materials, and workforce.  This was evident on May 17, 2022, when bids were received and opened for the middle/high school project.  The bids came in 27% higher than anticipated. The next step recommended by Massaro is to rebid the project in the fall with a different approach and timeline that may alleviate factors that drove bids higher than expected. 

September 2021 - Approval to Move to the Design Phase

IKM Architects has completed the schematic design phase. During this phase, the focus of the architect is on developing the conceptual drawings for the construction project.  During this phase, monthly meetings are held with the Board's Buildings & Grounds Committee to provide an update on progress as well as to receive feedback and input.  This phase is ending with the reconvening of the SDAT Team on September 23rd to share the schematic design and to receive additional feedback and input from this team.  Also, teacher leaders from all departments will meet with the architect on October 7 to review the schematic design and provide final input.  On September 13, 2021, the Board provided approval for IKM to move into the design phase.  During the design phase, the architect takes the schematic or conceptual design and moves into the designing of the architectural details that are needed for the construction and remodeling of the building.  

August 2021 - Hiring of a Construction Manager

The Board completed an interview process to identify a Construction Manager to oversee the construction/renovation project at the middle and high school campus. After interviewing multiple firms, Massaro Construction Management Services, LLC. was selected as the District's Construction Manager.  Massaro will represent the District and manage all aspects of construction on behalf of the District.  Please click on the link below to access the presentation slides from Massaro's interview presentation.

Avonworth School District - Massaro CM Presentation - July 2021 - Master.pdf

February 2021 - Hiring of IKM as Architect

On February 15, 2021, the Avonworth Board of School Directors hired IKM Architects to provide architectural services for the proposed renovations/additions at the middle/high school campus.  Immediately following this hiring in February of 2021, IKM began the process of developing schematic designs based on the concepts developed during the School Design Action Team meetings.  Monthly, the Board's Buildings & Grounds Committee meets on the third Monday of the month.  During these meetings, IKM has provided updates on the schematic design progress.  The slides from these presentations can be found to the right on this page.

February 2020 - School Design Action Team Begins Meeting

On February 13, 2020, a School Design Action Team (SDAT) consisting of students, staff, parents, administrators, and community members met for the first time to begin identifying the facility needs of our District.  The team will meet a number of times throughout the sprint and will be led through this process by Mr. Matt Hansen, Principal at IKM Architecture.

On February 27, 2020, our School Design Action Team met for a day-long workshop with IKM Architecture.  The team spent the day taking ideas based on identified needs and putting them into potential school designs.  The day was full of energy, excitement, and creativity as small groups constructed school design plans and presented them to the larger group.  The day generated many ideas that IKM will take into consideration for the development of our District's Facility Master Plan.

2019 - Search for Architectural Design Firm

In the spring of 2019, the Avonworth Board of School Directors directed Dr. Ralston, Superintendent of Schools, to research architectural firms that could lead an inclusive process that would help the District identify current and future facility needs of the District.  IKM Architecture was selected by the Avonworth Board of School Directors and approved on January 13, 2020, following a robust proposal and interview process.

2018 - Demographic Study

In the fall of 2018, the Avonworth Board of School Directors commissioned a demographic study to determine estimations on the future student population.  The demographic study was conducted by Dr. Shelby Stewman, a retired professor of statistics from Carnegie Mellon University.

2017 - 6th Grade Moved to Avonworth Elementary School 

Due to overcrowding at the middle and high school campus, the 6th-grade was moved to the elementary school in 2017.  This was possible due to the flexibility created by the construction of the primary center.

2014 - Avonworth Primary Center

In 2014 the District opened the Avonworth Primary Center.  The construction of the primary center was needed due to overcrowding at Avonworth Elementary School.  This project was the result of years of planning by the Avonworth School Board of Directors to address the overcrowding due to continued growth in student enrollment.