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Construction Updates

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The purpose of this section of the Avonworth School District website is to provide our school community with up-to-date information regarding our current facility planning process.  Information will be added as well as documentation to ensure the community is as informed as possible about this process.  Please refer back to this site as it will be updated as we move through the current process.  

Superintendent Updates

Update from Dr. Hadley - March 2024

March 2024 Construction Update Video

More construction updates from ASD.

Construction Manager Updates

The District's Construction Manager will provide the community with a monthly update on the project starting in July 2023.

Construction Manager Update - February 1, 2024

Construction Manager Update - December 20, 2023

Construction Manager Update - November 30, 2023 

Construction Manager Update - November 1, 2023

Construction Manager Update - September 25, 2023

Construction Manager Update - September 13, 2023

Construction Manager Update - July 19, 2023

IKM, Inc. Updates

IKM, Inc. is the district's architect for the construction project. They provided monthly updates throughout the visioning and design phase of the project. 

IKM & Massaro Construction Project Update - June 1, 2022

IKM Project Update - February 22, 2022

IKM Project Update - October 18, 2021

IKM Project Update - August 17, 2021

IKM Project Update - July 19, 2021

IKM Project Update - June 21, 2021

IKM Project Update - May 17, 2021

IKM Project Schedule

IKM Final Feasibility Study - November 9, 2020

IKM Feasibility Study