School Culture

Building a Culture of Kindness and Inclusiveness


The Avonworth School District supports a school culture that encourages kindness and inclusiveness. Students have the opportunity to be a part of a variety of clubs and activities that provide an opportunity to create positive change and to be included in the school culture and experience. 



Student Clubs

A variety of clubs and structures exist throughout the Avonworth School District that provides students with an opportunity to have their voices heard and to support a variety of causes aligned with the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

At Avonworth Elementary School, Game Changers provides students with an opportunity to be included in developing initiatives and to provide input to school administration.  

Avonworth High School has a student advisory committee that provides students with an opportunity to be included in developing initiatives and to provide input to school administration.  The high school also has the following formal clubs:

  • Social Justice Club
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Club
  • Special Olympics Club 
  • Do Something Club 

JAMbethekindkid Inc.

Building a culture of belonging begins with our youngest learners through opportunities to participate in clubs like JAMbethekindkid.  JAM is an afterschool club focused on helping children develop empathy and entrepreneurship through making. Students create and then sell the items they have created. Profits from sales are given to charitable causes. 

In 2017, students in JAM created the #bethekindkid movement. This student-created movement started in response to bullying and focuses on making the world a better place through acceptance and kindness. Over the years, #bethekindkid has been a foundation for a variety of student-initiated movements aimed at eliminating hate. For instance, in response to the Tree of Life tragedy, students created #bethekindkid shirts written in Hebrew. Profits from the sale of these shirts were given to the families of the Tree of Life tragedy. 

In 2019, JAM was recognized by HundrED as one of the top 100 most inspiring innovations on the planet.  Learn more about JAM's recognition by HundrED HERE.  Visit JAM's page on HundrED.org website


Lopes Lounge
The Lopes Lounge was a student-driven project which created a space for Avonworth High School students to call their own.  The Lopes Lounge is a fully functioning coffee shop where students and staff gather in the morning to purchase a beverage but is also a space that promotes inclusiveness.  The Lopes Lounge is run by students in our life skills program. Rather than these students gaining work-related experiences outside of the school, they are able to do so in the Lopes Lounge while getting a chance to interact with their peers.  This space has made an incredible difference in the culture at the high school and has helped all students develop empathy and an appreciation for their peers.  
High School Bocce Team:
The Avonworth High School Bocce Team is part of the Unified Sports Program through Special Olympics Pennsylvania.  This program partners students with special needs with their classmates without disabilities to play competitive bocce.  The program fosters an environment that is inclusive, accepting, and respectful of all students.  The home bocce matches at Avonworth High School are attended by classmates that pack the gym to cheer on their peers.
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